10 Reasons Why You Should Get Ripped


Most people would love to get ripped or shredded and look like people on the covers of fitness magazines like Men’s Fitness and Shape. Want to get ripped? If so, here are 10 amazing reasons why you need to get ripped right now. Also visit for further useful information about getting ripped at home.

Improved appearance

Get ripped so your body looks lean and toned. Increased muscle will make your outfit fit better and make you feel great about yourself, even when you don’t lose weight. In addition, muscle mass can healthfully fill out a thin frame.

Improved health and function

Getting ripped can help you alleviate the symptoms of several serious, chronic health conditions. Increased muscle mass can relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, diabetes, obesity, and back pain. Performing weightlifting exercises to get ripped may also help to increase bone density, which helps ease and prevent symptoms of osteoporosis. More muscle mass normally equals more strength, which may help you better carry out your day-to-day activities.

Your internal organs will be healthier as well. Fat can bring about all sorts of problems in your body. For example, having a mass of fat around your midsection can be bad for your liver. It can choke your liver. Getting ripped will get rid of the fat and help keep your internal organs healthy.

Improved self-esteem

There’s no doubting the importance of having improved self-image in the way it affects your work performance, overall happiness, and personal relationships.

Increased confidence

People who take physical fitness seriously tend to be more confident. They behave differently. This is a fact.

Ego boost

Getting ripped will stroke your ego. Wherever you go, people will be checking you out. That will boost your ego and heaven knows we all need this every now and then.

Increased strength

We lose around 10% of our muscle by the time we’re 50. By the time we’re in our 60s and 70s, our muscle strength will reduce by 15% per decade and around 30% after that. However, seniors who perform adequate resistance and strength training can boost their strength by as much as thrice within 2-3 months. Building your strength can help you be more active and engage in spontaneous activity.

Injury prevention

As you age, your muscle mass general shrinks and you become less physically stable. It’s not unusual for seniors to fall down while doing simple things like getting out of chairs, using the stairs, or even stepping off the curb. This is down to a lack muscle support that causes less balance. It’s got nothing to do with your grandma throwing objects all morning.

Weight control

The number of calories you burn while you rest greatly depends on how much muscle mass you have. In other worlds, having more muscle means you’re less likely to put on excess fat or weight as muscles burn plenty of calories when you’re resting. For every pound of muscle gained, your body consumes around 50 excess calories a day.

You’ll be more attractive

It’s a true that getting ripped will make you more gorgeous to the opposite gender. We all are attracted to those who are fit. Men are particularly so visual that they won’t fail to notice a beautiful, tight body. Some women claim that muscles don’t turn them on but their actions suggest otherwise.

You’ll eat better

When you’re in great shape, you’ll want to maintain it. This means you’ll be more careful of what you eat.

Closing thoughts

Before you start to get ripped, consider what your objectives are. If you’re aiming to be an athlete, focus on performing sport-specific exercises that build vital muscle groups required for that sport. Bring in a little high intensity cardio (as high intensity cardio shreds more fat calories in every minute of workout than low intensity cardio) and you’ll keep on burning the fat.

If your aim of getting ripped is simply because you’d like to look nice at the beach, you can play sports and kill two birds with one stone. Even if you don’t get ripped like Lou Ferrigno, you will be physically fit and gorgeous. After all, not all women or men like the sculpted piece of beef rough look. They much like the naturally fit or athletic look.