A Day in My Boots: Manly Routines


The routine that you take part in as a man is going to determine how comfortable you are with life. You might be the type of dude who likes to come home after work and sit down with a cold beer, or you might be the kind of person that prefers a glass of cold and hearty milk. Whatever your routine happens to be, you have to take it for what it is. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Routines shouldn’t be changed up all too often, it’s almost as if you were going to shoot a free throw. Basketball players have a set routine for the way they go about shooting their free-throws, they do it the exact same way every single time; sort of like every person on this planet has a hobby they get into on a daily basis. Life is too short to waste it with non-sense riddled routines, and a lot of people have made it their duty to cut down on the amount of time they’re wasting every single day.

3842813976_2ee945c3ec_oA woman and a man are two very different beings, we’re all aware of that due to some first-hand experience (whether it be good or bad). Women will always rule the world in a sense, men drool over them and it seems like it take them way too long to get ready (thus, leaving us vulnerable to more and more antagonizing gossip) – but they don’t know how easy it can be to live a mans life sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, being a female is fantastic, it’s just that men don’t really have to look as good as they do. Does that mean you’re going to score bonus points with the ladies? Not, no it does not – that doesn’t mean the statement isn’t true, though. Whatever you do as a man is completely your business, but it’s always nice to get a few things off of your chest! I’m going to talk a bit about my daily routine, and let’s see if you can relate to anything that I have to say.

The Morning

dsc_0416The morning is an easy one, I wake up and make myself a pot of coffee. Well, it isn’t exactly a pot, as I use a Keurig machine to make my drinks before work, but it works just the same. After that, I try and make a bagel or something to ensure that I don’t go to work on an empty stomach. A quick shower and I’m good to go, I don’t even have to style my hair! I don’t have very much hair to style, to be honest, so that’s probably why my morning routine is so easily handled. I feel like eating before I go to work helps me out a lot, as I don’t feel very sluggish or tired throughout the day (and that’s a positive, clearly).

The Afternoon

IMG_9959Work can get tedious sometimes, but I make sure that my lunch is well-served. I head out and eat my lunch on the patio for those perfect days, and when the weather isn’t so good, I drive out somewhere and have a quirky little snack inside. Sometimes I’ll even catch myself browsing this website, simply looking for some new equipment to make use of at home. My lunch period gives me some time to relax and ponder what I want to do when I get home, which is more than likely just watch a few seasons of my favorite television show.

The Night

oB5uBQuick dinners and even quicker conversations with a few pals and co-workers, that’s how I spend most of my nights nowadays. I thought there was much more to life than that at first, but now I’m completely happy with it. I’m happy with being able to check in on my friends every now and then, as well as enjoy a quiet and relaxed night by myself. I’ve got two cats of my own, as well as a rabbit – so those are the creatures that keep me in good company! I might catch myself snacking on a little granola bar before bed, but that’s about it; eating after 9 PM is a big no-no for me.

There you have it, a pretty straight-forward day from a pretty straight-forward guy.

Compare my day alongside yours and see what kind of results you get! We might even do many of the same things on a daily basis.