A Guide to Renting a Storage Unit


You may consider renting a storage unit to store your property when relocating, remodeling your home or office, or if on an extended time away. You can also go for the storage space if you are looking to de-clutter your home but do not want to throw away your possessions. Whichever the reason for renting storage, here are a few guidelines on getting the best rental self- storage units for your need.

The Location Matters

Choose a convenient location that is close to home or your premises. It is important especially if you may require to be making frequent trips to get items and bring others to the storage unit. In the same breath, keep away from areas which are prone to natural disasters like fires and flooding.

Check the Company’s Reputation

You can get lots of information about a company from clients who have used the service. Check on reviews posted by its clients and review sites. While you may not find an organization without a few demerits, a good self-storage company have a generally good image and reviews from most of its customers.

Visit the actual Storage Facilities

It is good to visit the actual facilities that you intend to hire before signing the lease agreement. Do not be deceived by the online photos of the storage facilities. You can only ascertain the suitability of the facilities by seeing them in person. Ask any questions that are relevant to your requirement.

Things to Check when Renting a Unit

When you pay a visit to the storage facility, check the following areas.

    • Safety of the facility: Are their security installations such as a fence and CCTV cameras? Is there adequate lighting and area for parking your car. In the same line, check the kind of Smartlock Storagethat the storage unit uses.
    • Availability of a parking space which is convenient for both loading and unloading
    • Flexible operating hours as per your schedule especially if you would like to access the facility out of the business hours.
    • Clean and well-maintained units and the entire compound
    • If you have perishables, look for an air-conditioned room
    • The pricing: It depends on whether you need temporary storage or a long-term one. Check if the prices are within your budget.

Choose Adequate Space for Your Items

Choose a unit size that can fit your items but not too large that a significant portion of it will lie empty. The best way to get the space right is to arrange the items you need to move to the rented space in one corner of your garage and estimate the amount of space you require. You can also seek assistance from the members of staff at the premises regarding the best storage space size.

The way you store items affects the space utilization. To save on the space, use cardbox boxes to store all small and loose items. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom. You should also indicate the top of the boxes which hold fragile items.