Five Biggest Horse Races Worldwide


Horse racing will date back over 2,000 years to the Ancient Greek Olympic Games of earlier times. Since that time, gamblers have always been hooked on the excitement of the ponies. However, which race will reign supreme over all of the others?

Our specialists have collected information from the most renowned races to figure it out. Their criteria were taken into consideration:

Interest from spectators who were not specifically involved within racing horses

Media coverage

  • Worldwide and significance and history
  • Total bets that are placed on the horse race
  • Total prize purse for the trainers and owners

Here is a peek into the biggest, most celebrated and financially important races in worldwide:

Epsom Derby

  • When: Early in June
  • Where: Epsom Downs Racecourse, in Surrey, England
  • Purse: £1.325 million, or about $2 million

In 1780, Epsom Derby was originally held, which makes it the oldest horse race on the list. In Britain, it is the most prestigious flat horse race event. Even the Royals attend.

In June, Epsom Derby is held each year and it’ll serve as the middle leg of the Triple Crown in England. The horse race is a 1 mile, 4 furlongs and ten-yard dash along grass, as well as is open to 3-year-old thoroughbred fillies and colts.

In Surrey, England, Epsom Downs venue possesses an impressive crowd capacity of up to 120,000.

The Breeders’ Cup Classic

  • When: Early November/Late October
  • Where: United States
  • Purse: $5 million

Breeders’ Cup Classic will cover 1.25 miles on dirt, as well as is held at a variety of tracks around America. It was held in Toronto, Canada as a one-off in 1996.

Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe

  • When: First Sunday of October
  • Where: Longchamp Racecourse, in Paris, France
  • Purse: $5.5 million

Well-known as the ‘Arc’, the Prix arguably is Europe’s most distinguished racing event. It also is the richest turf race in the world.

Paris’ Longchamp Racecourse hosts the annual competition which always is held upon the first Sunday in October. Older horses and 3-year-old horses are permitted to be involved within the 1.5-mile race that has been in operation since the year 1920.

Since the Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club took over the event’s sponsorship, the prize funds have gone from $2 million to more than $5 million.

Dubai World Cup

  • When: Last Saturday within March
  • Where: Meydan Racecourse, in Dubai, UAE
  • Purse: $10 million

Like most things inside Dubai, their World Cup is about the prize. This race has a guaranteed pool of $10 million!

Though, the world’s richest race still cannot claim first place within our list. That is because the history just does not stretch back enough.

Every year since 1996, this 1.25-mile race has been hosted at the Meydan Racecourse inside Dubai. It almost always is run on dirt, as well.

Kentucky Derby

  • When: First Saturday within May
  • Where: Churchill Downs, in Louisville, KY
  • Purse: $2 million

How can the planet’s wealthiest race not be #1? Because there only is a single Kentucky Derby. In 1875, it was initially run and the top leg of America’s Triple Crown still is the globe’s most famous race.

Also, the 1.25-mile race is well-known as ‘Fastest 2 Minutes in Sports’. Absolutely, the $2 million purse will pale in comparison to Dubai’s World Cup yet it is the Kentucky Derby that is horse racing’s largest annual gambling draw.

Around $133 million was wagered upon the race within the United States alone, in 2015.

Toss the extravagant hats in and the celebrities and you have yourself the largest horse race in the world.

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