The Future of Social Media Marketing and Instagram


The future of online marketing is dazzling. 2017 saw rapid and consistent innovation from the social media platform Instagram. Its rapid climb past Twitter has it nipping at the heels of Facebook and its developers are still finding ways to improve their product.

Instagram’s 800 million and climbing regular user base will only increase due to these efforts and it’s in your best interest to ride the wave. While some complain that much of the platform’s success is due to taking features from other platforms that alone isn’t it.

Starting off as a photo-sharing application, Instagram has slowly added features that enabled it to become a marketing hotbed. By starting as a barebones photo-sharing app it had no limiting parameters.

People wanted to expose their content to a bigger audience – Instagram responds with hashtags. The community wanted to offer videos that disappear quickly (to force engagement) like SnapChat – stories. Stories became a hit but people wanted to use prerecorded content – the feature was added.

Instagram is the social media platform equivalent of a chameleon. It becomes whatever it needs to be for its user base to enjoy themselves. Facebook absolutely has the crown at the moment, but this is the platform you want to market on and grow with going forward.

The secret to marketing success

Honestly, there is no true secret, but there are lots of little things you can do to stack the odds in your favour. Successful pages often have two things in common: a consistent theme & high-quality content.

It’s no secret that Instagram is entirely content based, what isn’t as known is how turned off users are by grainy pictures/video or low-quality audio. If you’re committed to marketing on Instagram one of your first investments should be in a DSLR with a mic or personal mic for videos.

By the time you’ve gotten all your equipment in order you should have a general idea of what the feel of your page should be. People will come to your page for that unique aesthetic or content type. Get your associates and get to brainstorming. You’ll be glad you did.

Small things, all things

A little secret people don’t often talk about is bots on the platform. I’m not talking about the kind that pad follower numbers. I’m referring to the type that imitates organic behaviour by liking, commenting and subscribing

The bots are one of The Easiest Ways to Get More Instagram Followers. They enable you to save time and resources by doing a humanly impossible about of social networking freeing you to focus on content or business.

It may not like a big deal, but having an automated account can be the difference between taking ages to reach the audience you want or not. You can’t like and comment on thousands of separate accounts a day. So, why try?

Regardless of whether you try to market organically or through automation, do it on Instagram.