Getting The Best out of Your Chainsaw


There isn’t any doubt about it; having a chainsaw is one of the best decisions you can ever make for handling tasks around the yard. This tool saves you time and helps you complete jobs that you would normally find it difficult to complete by hand or ax. Given their design and versatility, this tool can be useless if handled the wrong way. There are a few things you need to follow when working with a chainsaw to make sure you get the most out of this tool.

Have the Right Safety Apparel, Always

Whether you are cutting up a branch or sniping one, you need to put safety first. I would advise you to protect your eyes, ears, and legs. If you have some money to spare, invest in fallers pants or chaps so that you are guaranteed of proper protection from injury.

Your chain also comes with safety features that you need to take advantage of while working. The most important feature is its chain brake mechanism. This prevents movement of the cutting chain by placing a steel brake around the drum. This serves two roles. First, it secures the saw’s chain when you change position or when moving between cuts. Secondly, it prevents you from being hit by the running chain.

One of the safety features most users ignore is the use of a spotter. This is ideal when you are pruning branches or when your work involves climbing a tree or a ladder. Remember, even a moderate tree or branch can easily cause serious injury, or even kill you.

Ensure Perfect Fuel Mixing

Chainsaws are petrol-powered and require you to mix petrol and engine oil. Make sure these two are of high quality to ensure proper running of the engine and to extend the life of the engine. Using unsuitable fuels or mixing the two in ratios that don’t comply with the given specifications can end up damaging your engine. I recommend you mix 1 part of engine oil with 50 parts petrol.

To mix this fuel, get a clean can that has been approved for use with fuel and that can hold the two parts. First, pour the engine oil into the can followed by the petrol. Mix it thoroughly by shaking the can vigorously before pouring the mixture into the fuel tank.

Always Use Clean Oil

Using clean oil for your engine is important for the immediate performance and longevity of your chainsaw. The oil you choose also affects the rate of wear and tear of the engine. Clean, premium oil isn’t only good for your engine, it is also good for the environment. Clean fuel means reliable starting every time, better lubrication and enhanced throttle response.

If your chainsaw sits for long without operation, you need to make sure you use clean, fresh fuel before you rev it up. Leaving fuel in the pump for long leads to the build-up of gum-like deposits in the engine. This is caused by the breakdown and separation of gas over time.

Alternatively, use a fuel stabilizer to maintain the integrity of the fuel. Additionally, replace your spark plugs once in a while and clean your air filter when necessary.

Use only the Best Chain Oil

Contrary to popular belief, chainsaw oil isn’t all about offering lubrication between the chainsaw and the wood. Instead, this oil is applied in the groove in the chainsaw’s bar to minimize resistance and friction because the chain spins at high speeds. Excessive friction produces heat that can damage the chain or the bar, leading to breakage and expenses.

Go for known brand names. Why so? Well, these brand names come with minimum impurities. Go for a brand that you trust and has positive reviews. You can change later as necessary.

Keep the Chain in Tiptop Condition

The chain is the most significant factor in the performance of the chainsaw. Keep the chain razor sharp and make sure it is always filed properly. How do you know your chain is dull? You notice sawdust instead of chips dropping on the ground when cutting the wood. Additionally, you notice that you have to exert extra force to achieve the perfect cut.

Make sure you have an extra chain for quick replacement so that you can get back to the task in case the first chain gets dull. A dull chain can lead to injury and might make you become unsatisfied with the results of your actions.

Final Cut

It gets better when you know exactly what you are getting. Understanding the features gives you the assurance you need knowing that you have the perfect tool for the job. You can find the information about a specific chainsaw, which is a challenging topic, though you can get what you need by reading about user reviews. Get the perfect chainsaw, get in the game and enjoy good cutting!