How to Maximise Your Patio Space


Cosy, Cosy

Now you have decided on heating up the outdoor area of your home, whether it is a backyard or huge garden you want to make it as cosy as possible.


Make your own little bohemian paradise.  If Bohemian is not for you, then make it ultra-modern and minimalist.


  • modern-patioAdd a rug, a splash of colour and a good way of keeping the ground clean and dry
  • Restore your outdoor furniture; if it is rusty it is not going to be comfy
  • A good rub down and rust treatment will work wonders
  • Use an outdoor paint; add some chair cushions (removable covers that can be washed)
  • Plastic furniture can be cleaned and cushioned as well (it can even be painted with a wide variety of plastic paints now available)
  • If you are not using a table top heater you can use a table umbrella
  • Add some structure by using screens, bamboo look great outdoors
  • Even adding some decking can make a huge difference, just ensuring it is nice and level for a free standing patio heater.

N.B Just keep in mind the safety aspects when you accessorize, make sure you check the space needed around your heater!  The last thing you want is a complete blaze!


Whilst your patio will give you some light in the form of infrared you may need additional lighting.

  • traditional-patio (1)Fairly lights will look fabulous in your newly warmed outdoor space.
  • Or think Tiki style lighting or torches to be precise.
  • Tiki style comes from Polynesian culture, lots of rattan and bamboo, all very natural and stylish combined.
  • Tiki lights embedded in the ground but not too close to your gas heater would look really pretty.
  • As Tiki lighting comes in many different shapes and sizes there is bound to be something for you. If you have a table top patio heater then you should visit PatioHeatersHQ for freestanding tiki lights.  If you have a freestanding patio heater then you can go for something in the way of a table top light.
  • The choice of fuel for this type of lighting can be oil or gas.
  • New furniture
  • If you find you enjoy the outdoor life now you can keep warm you may want to completely overhaul your space.
  • Rattan for style and comfort
  • Now most outdoor furniture will come with covers so you can really jazz up the space in any style and keep it year in year out

If you have already had a successful alfresco autumn/winter with your new found warmth perhaps you will want to make it more pleasing.

Gradually you can start to make the space more functional with built in barbecue and really get out there with your friends and family.

As we are now going into a different area, discussing jazzing up your patio we should consider even more so the safety aspect of your heater and outdoor life.

Another buzzword for safer patio heating is carbon fibre.

Carbon Fibre IR Heat has many benefits for safety with;

  • traditional-patioEven heat distribution
  • Lower surface temperature
  • More heat coverage
  • Closer to far infrared rays
  • Deep tissue penetration
  • Lower energy usage
  • They are slim in design
  • Good for a large surface area

Just to end on the safety aspect of carbon fibre infrared heaters which use carbon ink sealed between to fibre glass sheets to eliminate the gases. They do not use any glues or plastics.

Carbon fibre infrared heat is a truly green safe alternative for the safety of your new space, the patio, whatever time of year, warm and inviting.

How far you go with your great outdoors is up to you, perhaps you want to put in a fish pond, keep it covered for your kid’s safety. How far you go is up to you; just always ensure you know from your safety manual how much clearance space you need for your heater.