My Boy On His Own – Leaving Home


My son and I were always close and throughout the time he was growing up, we did everything together.


His father left shortly after he was born, so I brought him up on my own as a single parent.

I didn’t find bringing him up on my own hard, he was a placid, very happy baby. He slept through the night and was really no trouble at all. He was incredible, he liked school and was a quite studious straight ‘A’ student respectful to people and helped people in the community too.

My son was a joy to have around. I always wondered what I did to deserve him, I felt so lucky.


When he finished school, the inevitable happened and he got into college, one that was far away from where we lived. We discussed the opportunities as he had a few college offers but the best one sadly, was the furthest away from home.

I had been good and saved money every week, as I knew he would go to college one day and he would make up the shortfall with a part time, side job.

The Move

I helped my son move into his room and help him unpack. This was my way of helping him to make it a home from home. I knew that not only would I miss him, I knew that he would miss me too. I put some pictures around the room and put new bed sheets on the bed and just made the room more welcoming.


I brought him a care package too. This consisted of candy (which he loved), cans of food, noodles and things that were easy to cook. It was at this point I realised that although he had a hob, he didn’t have a toaster, a grill or an oven and eating healthily was always something that was so important to him. I decided when I got home, I would do something about this.


Saying goodbye to him and leaving him there, so far away, was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. I knew it was for the best, he would really make something of his life. He was ambitious and wanted to work for the UN at a high level and I knew with a good college education behind him, this would be possible.

Empty House

After the long and sad journey home, I decided to look for something my son could cook with. I know it would mean a lot to him and would make me feel better knowing he would have some hot meals every now and again.

I did various researches on the internet and found a great website called:, a toaster oven would fit the bill quite nicely and this website really helped me choose the right oven for my son.


The day came for my son to come home for the holidays and it was so great to see him. He looked amazing. He loved college and had lots of new friends and said he missed me a ridiculous amount but he was doing really well.

I was so proud. He was getting good grades and was so focused.


I gave my son his oven and he loved it. He said that he had been missing hot meals and although the cooking wouldn’t be as good as mine it would be great to cook basic foods in his room.

Return to College

Eventually, my son returned to college but I was safe in the knowledge that everything was going amazingly and at least he would be eating well.