My Experience of Shopping Online


I have shopped in thrift stores, malls, huge shopping centers, and so many more places, but I was always skeptic about shopping online. It was not the fact that I couldn’t touch the product, depending on which type of product it was, but it was more about using my bank card or credit card to make the transaction happen. There were too many geniuses out there that could easily hack into the account and get my card information and I would lose everything.

As time moved on I figured that I would eventually have to switch to this new method of shopping if I was going to keep up with the best deals for certain products. I asked around to find out what the top selling sites were and were they free to join. Some of my friends pointed me to auction sites while others pointed me to warehouse sites where they are selling straight out of their warehouses. I didn’t have to make a decision until I had looked over the website and was comfortable in using it.

I was surprised to find everything from microwave to blender reviews neatly categorized for me to click around and find what appealed to my needs. I frequently would come across an item I liked and I would click on it to read through the reviews. This would help me determine whether or not the product was worth purchasing or if I should continue looking for a similar product. Sometimes I would find a product and have to keep scrolling because it did not score higher than a single star.

My First Online Order

After months of just dabbling around on these websites I decided to finally give in and create an account on one of them. Many of the people who had left reviews had done so regarding the customer service of this website and I felt that it met the standards of a site that I was searching for. I received an email to verify my account and logged into the website.

I had no problems finding something that I wanted to purchase. However, when it came to entering my card information I felt worried. I did so anyway, thinking that if anything happened I would be able to dispute and hopefully resolve the issues. The ordering process was somewhat slow but easy enough that I never had a question or a hard time providing what was needed. I placed the order and awaited for it to arrive in three to five business days.

It finally arrived, after my two day wait with extreme anticipation, and the driver of the delivery truck brought it to my front door and rang my doorbell. I did not have to sign for it, but once he heard me moving around, he left it by the front door and started to his next destination. I would have at least liked for him to have waited until I got to the door to see who was standing there.

Receiving the Ordered Product

After taking the package inside I began to open it on the kitchen table, after all it was a kitchen appliance. I had a time getting it opened initially, but I used a knife and was able to cut through the packing tape with no problem. Inside of that box was another box, this one had a picture of the inside product on the side. I unpacked that box and took out my brand new deep fryer. My husband had been complaining about not being able to fry French fries without having to dig with a spatula into a pot of boiling grease.

I had everything set up when he walked in the door. It was cooking a batch of fries and he could smell the aroma throughout the house. He walked into the kitchen and complimented me on the smell, then on the purchase. When I explained to him that I had purchase this deep fryer online and he was very amazed at my newfound ability of online shopping. I would say overall I am pleased with the product that I received and knowing that if I had any issue at all that the website would have taken care of my issues without troubling me further.