How to Plan a Celebrity-style Wedding on a Budget


Whether it was the designer dress that was donned by Kate Middleton or the tiered wedding cake that Kim Kardashian cut into, many couples wish they could make their weddings a celebrity affair. The only thing that stands between you and that celebrity-style wedding is the funds. All the items in a celebrity style wedding cost a pretty penny, which might not be possible with an average budget.

The good news is that you can come up with a wedding on the budget you have. All you need to do is to tweak a few items that make up the wedding. So, how can you do this?

Craft Your Wedding along the Things You Love

When you design your wedding the way you live your life, you will put in all the energy you have. This energy results in a wedding that is lively and cheerful, you will put in all you have, knowing that the results will give you the thrill you are looking for.

You need to look at your style of living, what you love and even what you wear, and then build up a wedding around this information.

Take a look at the things and places that you love most, know the elements that make everything perfect, and put these elements into a style that is unique to you.

The Atmosphere

The best parties are fun and encourage your guests to interact with each other. One of the ways to make a party glamorous is to make sure you come up with the right layout and the furniture that you choose for the day.

A celebrity style party is the one where you make every guest feel special and comfortable so that they wouldn’t want to leave at all.

Paying Attention to Detail

Right from the bar to the dance floor to the decor, you need to make every detail of the wedding custom built so that you can create a personalized atmosphere.

The good thing is that you don’t need to be a skilled decorator or carpenter to pull this off. The success of the event lies in making sure you pay attention to the smallest of details. Incorporate vintage items and some antique furniture to achieve a curated design without spending too much.


Expert wedding planners agree that photography is one of the most crucial things that you can spend your budget on. You might not even remember the way the cake tasted or what kind of music the DJ played at the wedding – but looking back at the photographs remind you of the wonderful time you had on that day.

This is why you need to work with the best photographer you can get your hands on. Check out for a glimpse into some of the documented weddings and how photography has helped to keep the memories alive.

The Wedding Dress

Nothing will tell of celebrity weddings like a wedding dress. Get a set for the bridesmaids as well. A trend that is catching up now is the floor-length sequin dress. This adds a touch of luxe to the wedding and makes it look glam.

It won’t be a celebrity style wedding without donning the perfect designer shoes. The bride should choose a pair from her favourite designer, and remember it isn’t a rule that the shoes ought to be white. The good thing is that you can wear the shoes again someday.

Work with a Wedding Planner

If you wish to have a celebrity wedding, then you need to work with someone who can guarantee you that they have the expertise to plan such a wedding. The planner needs to have handled such a wedding before and guarantees you the results that you need.

The planner should know about the various superior suppliers in the region to make sure all your needs are met without breaking the bank.

Talk to the wedding planner to understand what ideas he has regarding the wedding, and let them help you hold the best wedding ever.

In Closing

Planning a celebrity-style wedding is a tedious task that needs you to handle all details the best way. You need to focus on the details of the wedding and use a wedding planner that understands what you need.