How to Make a Playroom that Your Kids Will Love


Are you getting tired of seeing toys all over your living room, kitchen, and even bathroom floors? Why not make a playroom? Having a children’s playroom at home gives you a place to store all of your kids’ stuff, and a designated area for your little ones to have fun to their hearts’ delight.

When creating a playroom for your children, you should put into consideration their likes, preferences, and personalities, so that they will want to spend as much time in there as they can. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Choose fun, bright, and lively colors for the walls.

To keep the playroom’s mood upbeat and cheery, use yellow, red, blue, orange, or some other bright paint colors for the walls. Many studies have found that children react positively to pink, red, and blue, and negatively to gray, black, brown, and other dark colors.

Have several storage boxes and containers for the toys.

To minimize the clutter in the playroom, you should have containers and bins where the kids can keep their toys after they are done playing. You can instruct them to put all the dolls in one box, all the kitchen stuff in another, all the miniature cars and trains together, and so on. You can use cardboard boxes, plastic baskets, or even make your own using soft fabric material.

Have shelves for books.

To encourage reading, you should have books available in the playroom. You can make your own bookshelf by looking up some do-it-yourself guide online. Once you have gathered the materials and equipment necessary for the construction, you can use your garage as your workspace. Paint it with bright-colored paint and leave to dry. Once it is ready, fill it with age-appropriate books for your kids to enjoy. Note that if you have a garage opener, it shouldn’t open unexpectedly; here’s more on that:

Put up pictures and posters of your children’s favorite superheroes, cartoon characters, and so on.

It is very common for children to have favorite Disney princesses or superheroes. You can decorate the playroom with photos and posters of these characters to boost their imagination. Print out some high resolution images from the internet, and plaster them on the walls.

Setup a drawing area.

A lot of parents have faced the dilemma of trying to erase their children’s drawings and artworks on their living room floor, bathroom door, walls, and other parts of the house. To mitigate this, you can dedicate a particular space of the playroom as a drawing area. Get a large piece of drawing board, where they can doodle all they want. Get a child-sized table and chair set, with enough supplies of paper, pencils, crayons, and art materials. It is important that your kids are able to express whatever they have in mind to nourish their skills and talents as early as possible.

Have enough bean bags, pillows, and blankets.

Who does not like a good pillow fort? If you have blankets, pillows, and bean bags around, your children will be able to experience the hard work and perseverance that it takes to put up a mighty fortress. They can pretend to be soldiers and warriors from the ancient times, thinking up strategies to strengthen their citadels, and finding ways to defeat the opponents. After the battle, this place can serve as a good spot where they can rest and take a short nap to recharge and be ready for the next activity.