Density Viscoelastic Mattress Topper: Not Your Regular Mattress Topper



If you have been having sleepless nights and you need to put an end to this dilemma, then you don’t need to pop more of your sleeping pills – you need a better solution. The solution is a mattress topper. You also need to change your attitude towards your bed and mattress. Remember that sleep is a luxury that isn’t afforded by many; therefore you need to treat it as such.

Many people give minimum attention to their mattresses, and they end up with lack of sleep. It is virtually impossible to change the mattress and buy a new one, which is why mattress toppers were created for you. To add to this hard task, you must have attached so many memories to your mattress that you can’t bear to see it go. This is why we bring you the world of possibilities, where you can retain your mattress and add the luxury you need to make a night’s sleep enjoyable from My Mattress Pads. You can achieve this by adding the Density Viscoelastic Mattress topper. Just like the name suggests, this isn’t a mattress but a sheet of foam material that you spread over the mattress, with great results.

The Pros

To get the most out of this product, you need to understand what it offers. This comes about by having great knowledge about the same. Here are the top benefits this topper comes with:

    1. The innovative design of the topper makes sure it covers your whole bed but has the capacity to target specific points on your body. If you have ever woken up with aches and pains in some area of the body then you know what I mean. It cushions the pressure points on the body helping you sleep better and avoid the back pain that comes with poor sleeping posture.
  1. The design makes the topper stiff yet pliable. This means if you have a worn out mattress and you aren’t in a position to replace it, you can slide the topper over it and you might think you are sleeping on a new mattress. The topper supports the areas of the mattress that are dipping or sagging.
  2. The topper weighs in at 4 pounds when packaged. This makes it light and portable, ideal when you are always on the road. This makes the topper ideal for bachelors and those that are living alone.
  3. The resilience of this topper makes it ideal to carry it into your lawn and use it on the grass without fear of injuries or breaks. The silky smooth material makes the feeling of this topper on your skin wonderful and superb. You can use the topper with any bed sheet you desire.

The Cons

    1. The topper is not water resistant; therefore take care not to spill any water or liquids on it because it will be directly absorbed into the foam.
    1. The material used to make the topper is not breathable, which means that you can sweat when the nights are hot.
    1. The thickness of the topper is just 3 inches, which brings to fore the issue of wearing out. If you are on the larger size in weight, then this topper might wear down faster than you would expect.

Who Needs It?

If you are looking for added comfort to your mattress and to make your nights better, then go for this topper. It has a good bounce back and conforms to your body very well. The resilience makes it ideal for use even in the outdoors. It is also light in weight, making it portable. The bad thing is that it isn’t breathable and it is not as thick as you would want a topper to be.