Reasons to Get a Wood Fired Hot Tub


There are so many advantages of having a wood-fired hot tub in the home as compared to the other kinds. Conventionally, these tubs have been marketed as the best tubs for lovers, but the truth is that there is more to them.  For one, these tubs provide a natural way to enjoy natural outdoor bathing.

The whole experience of this tub, ranging from the waft of wood smoke, the sound of the crackling fire and a group of friends creates unforgettable times. Once you taste the experience, you get to see why this tub provides immense relaxation.

The experience you enjoy when soaking in the tub at the end of the day is akin to the cosy ambience of huddling around a fireplace in winter. You also get the feeling of being one with nature, which helps to free yourself from the real world and forget your troubles for a while.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

These wood fire hot tubs don’t need electrical supply to function. With this fact in mind, you can get as imaginative as you want with these hot tubs. You can choose the best location for the tub that suits you; say a corner of the backyard without getting worried about electrical supply. So, as long as you have a space in the corner of the yard, and as long as the ground is flat and level, you have a winner in terms of location.

Maintenance – Effortless

These tubs are also easy to maintain. All you need to do is to change the water after a using it once or twice. You then wash the tub out just the way you do a normal bath. Use a gentle oxygen-based treatment to clean the water heater and flush out all the water.

A Green-friendly way to Relax

These hot tubs are made of wood. As you well know, wood as a material is a sustainable and renewable energy. When you burn wood, it releases much less carbon dioxide than when it is left out to rot. This makes the hot tubs the best green-friendly way to relax.

So, while you are in the hot tub soaking in the warmth and relaxing, you are busy contributing to the natural balance that is privy to nature’s balance.

Gradual Heat Makes for More Relaxation

You find that the warmth that comes with burning wood to be more superior as compared to electrical heating. Instead of a sudden, steaming heat, you experience a slow but steady build-up of heat.

As the heat builds up, you don’t get worried about the increased electrical bills in the home. Instead, you are saving on energy. All you need to watch out for is preventing the build-up of smoke as the wood burns away.

It Compliments Your Yard

If you are after total relaxation, then this tub is the best. But you also get to add to the appearance of the yard. Wood has the uncanny habit of adding a natural attraction to any place it is added to. With these tubs, the manufacturer uses warm-toned woods to make sure you add some natural look to the area.

The good thing is that you can choose the kind of wood that the tub is made of. For instance, a look at the tubs offered on shows you tubs made of red cedar, yellow cedar, redwood, oak and more. This gives you the opportunity to choose the kind of wood that blends naturally into the existing decor.

Easy to Install

These tubs are usually free-standing, which means you don’t have to go through the complicated process of installing the tubs in-ground. You also don’t need electrical wiring, which is a complicated step in the installation.


You can install various extras in these tubs. If you want one that has the feeling of bubbling water, you can choose the one that has special water jets installed to create a spa-feeling.

Final Words

A wood-fired hot tub gives you more than just a tub that suits the natural environment. It also adds some natural look to the yard. It is also easy to install, requiring fewer items as compared to other tubs. Ready for some green-inspired relaxation? Opt for a wood-fired hot tub!