How To Succeed As An Independent Contractor


The world has changed, and some people now do not have to look for formal employment and work from 9 to 5 every day. There is a new breed of independent contractors who are revolutionizing how people work and view job completion. There are some who are making huge fortunes from this arrangement while others have failed terribly and opted to go for formal employment. The secret lies in how the two groups approach their work. Even though most of the successful ones make some mistakes, in the beginning, they also take some lessons as well. The following are the features that will make a successful independent contractor.

Have the necessary technical skills

You cannot succeed in a field that you are totally blank about how it operates. You require formal training in accounting if you intend to become a freelance accountant. The same will also apply to any other field that you might think of. The extent of training that you will require will depend on the specific field and your understanding rate. You can either go to school for formal training or opt for self-training using various resources such as online courses and tutorials. You can go for refresher courses once in a while to keep you up-to-date.

Have some form of identification

You can either decide to work on a remote basis or visit the clients at their workstation. In each case, you require a website that people can always get crucial information about you. It is also important to have a work ID that states your names, address and occupation. The ID will be very important when you visit clients at their workplace. You will interact with the employees, and they will offer you the necessary help when they just see your ID. You can check some ready-made, professional templates that you can use any time at

Have networking skills

The world is full of competition, and if you are not smart enough, chances of making some good money are very low. Networking with the right people can be one of the best marketing techniques you can apply. Make a diverse network that involves people from your sector and in other industries as well. Always ensure that the relationship is mutual because that is where you get referrals. Make your customers your brand ambassadors by offering exemplary services. Make your brand unique by adding value to your products and make customers prefer your brand over those of others.

Learn some communication skills

Being the best graphic designer or accountant in your area is not enough to become successful as you require to communicate with people too. These are skills that you do not necessarily learn from school, but you acquire as you develop your craft. You do not have to be the talkative type but at least know how to treat customers. There are many communication channels you can use such as emails or phone calls. You should as well be able to differentiate between informal and formal communication.