The Best Sport in Town


Shunsuke1_20080622Football is a sport that many different communities take part in, and it has the ability to bring a large amount of people together (if that’s the goal you’re shooting for). If there is one thing that football can teach you, it’s dedication to your craft. If you want to be really good at anything in life, you’ve got to be willing to work for it – just ask anybody who has had the privilege of playing this sport professionally! We take pride in the things that happen within this community, and when it comes to football, we’re as serious as they come. We’re relatively small, and that means we don’t have the funding that many other big cities have. With that being said, we still manage to get decent football equipment out to every single school possible, because it’s the sport that we focus on around here. In a sense, we’re a “football town” all the way through. My kids are all into football as well, even my little girl! Her favorite player in the entire world is Peyton Manning, and it’s been that way for a decent amount of time now. Football is an amazing way to go about expressing yourself, and the community saw that almost immediately.

It Provides Jobs

That’s right, football provides many jobs within this community. You might not realize it, but football takes a lot of work to actually put together (when it comes to games). There are so many pieces that need to be put together, and that can only be accomplished by hiring competent workers. You’ll need somebody to keep all of the grass in tact, and that’s where all of the ground-keepers would be applied. Ground-keepers need to have the most optimal lawnmower available, so we make sure to equip them with anything listed on the Garden Plaza page. The ground keeping role isn’t the only job that needs to be filled, there are also dire needs for referees and coaches. It keeps our community thriving when it comes to the money people are bringing in, and it offers up a larger amount of opportunities for people to make use of.

It also allows our kids to dream big, because there is always the possibility of going professional. When you’re playing sports on a professional level, you’ve essentially “made it”. There are millions of people on this planet that are trying to play their preferred sport in a professional league, and many of them don’t come from wealthy backgrounds. Odds are you’re going to be making a lot of money in the NFL, so if you get the chance to play football professionally, there’s going to be many benefits to make use of. Keep this in mind the next time you refuse to let your children play football, as there is a lot of good that can come out of it.

It’s an Experience of a Lifetime

Football_crossFootball is a sport that many countries don’t have the option of experiencing, it’s why a lot of games go over to London to be played. The games in London are known as the “London Series”, and they have a few of them played every single year. It gives the fans in Europe a little taste of what they’re missing out on, and it tries to boost the amount of exposure the sport is getting in London as well. Personally, I played sports myself when I was in high school. I’m not the young and spry man I used to be at one point, but I still have a love for the sport. I played basketball and football, as well as baseball; football was definitely my solid favorite.

I played quarterback and it helped me with my mentality going through life, as I had to (pretty much) take care of the entire team on the field. It was tough at first, especially when it came to my freshman year, but I was able to work through it and become a better player. We won a few championships and I built a few long-lasting relationships, and I owe all of that to the wonderful sport of football.

My kids are playing football now as well, and my two little sons are loving it. They play wide-receiver and tight end, so they’re catching all of the passes being thrown. I’ve never seen them happier than they are now, and they’ve made a lot of friends through the sport as well. It’s a game that helps you earn respect both on and off of the field, and it doesn’t get much better than that – just try a game of flag football out for yourself, you’ll see what I mean.