Today We Review The Best-Selling Dewalt Table Saw


51Bau0-8RQLToday we review the Dewalt DW745 table saw as seen on the Sharp Cut, this best sellerĀ is a bit expensive but is both much better quality and more lightweight than most cheaper portable table saws. This particular bench-top saw weighs in at only 45 pounds. There is also an optional folding stand that can come with your saw. It is $65 and will add some extra weight, but reviewers more knowledgeable than me say that it is well worth the price.

They say it matches the DeWalt DW745 perfectly. Among all the portable table saws available, it may be the most ideal for transporting reasons. With this sturdy and very durable guy, moving from jobsite to jobsite will be a cinch.

54d1223cc9085_-_tablesaw-showdown-01-0811-mdn-5796483When all set up the extended telescoping rails extend to 16 inches. However, that is not as long as you can go. This baby comes with additional support depending on the size of the item you need to cut. Its railing system also comes with a precise Square Lock Rip Fence for perfect precision.

When turned on, do not let its relative slowness fool you. It is backed by lots of power and offers an excellent cut. The control that go along with each cut is excellent as well, with this high-quality saw coming with the most up-to-date functioning features.

Along with these functioning controls come safety features that include top-of-the-line safety features such as a blade guard. This is a safety feature which constitutes a small wall between the user and the blade. This is just one example of the safety features.

aecafa980007d6fc76635a8ea3d7f49bThere are also rivet knives. For most of these safety features it uses what is called Active Response Technology. Replacing overused parts ready for retirement can be a difficult and complicated procedure on a table saw. On the DeWalt DW745 this procedure has been maximally simplified.

This simplification even includes a phone app which will enable users to communicate with their machine so it can inform them about important matters like system activations, DW745 instructions, and servicing needs. There are even a host of how-to videos available.

Another interesting feature of the app is that owners can use it to designate who can have access to the controls. In the end, I highly recommend this quality table saw for its light-weight maximum transportability, its capibility of being set and up and dismantled in seconds, its power and precision, and for its many excellent safety features.