Top Toys for 1 Year Old Boys


Toys play a very big role in the development of your child, especially during the early years. During their stage, a one-year old boy is likely to spend a lot of time playing with different kinds of toys each day. This leaves you with the tough task of finding the perfect toy for the kid. The market also doesn’t make it easy for you because the shelves are awash with hundreds of kinds of toys. We bring you the ultimate guide when going to purchase the perfect toy, and you where to get them without breaking into a sweat.

Before we dive right into the ideal toys for your kid, you need to know that experts advise that you provide a wide variety of toys that will not only keep your kid enthralled but help him learn as well. Therefore, when you go toy shopping, make sure you grab not just one but several of the toys available.

The Ride on Toy

You must have seen hundreds of toys with wheels, ranging from bikes to mini cars. Today we focus on the toy train that comes complete with a set of rails. The set of rails allows you to come up with different track designs to make the kid happy.  When the kid gets tired of running along the trail, you can get the rail car off the tracks and let the boy drive all over the house.

The toy train uses a pair of rechargeable batteries, but you will need to get a few more to power the extra effects such as sound. The top miniature train on the market at the moment is the Power Wheels Ride-on Thomas Train With Track.

Toy Tree Top Activity Center

Kids love mimicking what you do, and the best thing you can give them is the ability to role-play better. You can do this by giving your one year old boy an activity center. The activity centre will allow the kid to spin, move ad explore the four sections of the toy. This helps the kid work on the fine motor skills.

The paints used on the toy aren’t toxic, so you don’t have to worry about the kid getting poisoned from chewing on the parts. The assembly has many activities that will hold the attention of the baby for hours on end. This center is painted in bright colors and the different images will entice the baby to continue playing.

Playing Blocks

Playing blocks from are made to be stacked together to form great shapes. Buy the blocks to jumpstart the critical thinking skills of your kid. He will also fine tune his motor skills and improve on color recognition.

One of the top toys in this category is the Mega Bloks First Builders, which grants your son the first huge building blocks that will allow him to get creative with his hands. The set comes with a total of 80 colored pieces made out of child-friendly materials.

The benefit of using these blocks is that your child can recreate anything he thinks about or sees using the different blocks. He will develop his creativity within a small playing space. After each play session, you can organize the blocks neatly and keep them away in the bag.

Whisper Ride II

Get this toy and the kid will whisk away around the house in this new toy car. The toy is designed with six cup holders, storage space, a seat belt for safety and durable wheels to match.

The mere fact that you allow the kid to ride alone gives him the much-needed sense of maturity and independence. While they aren’t mature yet, it is critical that you give them the sense that you trust them to make decisions. All the time they will feel as if they are driving on their own and during the whole process they get to improve their fine motor skills and directions.

In Closing

The live of a 1 year old boy is all about play, and learning. It is your responsibility to buy the toys that will help them achieve this objective. Each toy is meant to add some value to the growth of your boy, therefore take time to choose the perfect toy for each role.