What To Do With Your Land


If you live in the countryside, you may well be one of many who has decided to invest in their property by buying land, rather than by building extensions or renovating buildings. Land is often considered to be the best of all investment options as there is a finite amount of it and much less adjoining your existing property! It’s low maintenance, has many uses and is pretty much guaranteed only to increase in value over the long-term, considering population growth trends.

Perhaps you’ve already invested in all the land you could get your hands on and now you’re wondering what to do with it. Here are some smart ideas:

Feed yourself 

One of the best ideas you could have is to use your land to produce food. This can save you money on your grocery shopping, earn you goodwill from neighbours, friends and family and even provide you with an income. Whatever fruit or vegetables you decide to grow will depend on your climate and the quality of land you have bought, although greenhouses and vegetable beds will give you a surprising number of options.

You could also fence off a small part of your land and use it to keep animals. The most popular choice when doing this is probably to keep hens for their eggs, however there are many budding farmers out there who keep pigs, sheep, goats and plenty of other animals.

Rent it out 

You may find that local farmers will make you an offer to use your land. This doesn’t have to be a monetary offer, either – a farmer who asks to keep sheep on your land is effectively offering to mow it for you for the duration. You’ll probably get a leg of lamb or two out of it, too.

Quite often councils and companies are looking for land on which to place telegraph poles and other structures. You’ll be paid an annual fee and there’s nothing to stop you using the land in other ways, for example renting it out to a farmer.

In a village, the council might offer you money to use your land for a village fete or kids’ sports event.

Build a dream garden 

Depending on who you are, your dream garden might be a Bel Air-style pool and lawn, a Japanese strolling garden or a combination of different styles. Unless you already have a lot of experience in this field, you’re probably going to have to hire people to design and build most of it for you. This will, of course, cost money (and may not be a smart investment, depending on what you plan to do), but it is likely to cost you more if you attempt to do it yourself and get it wrong.

The best thing about this option is that you’ll get a lot of personal benefit and enjoyment from your land – whether that’s by taking a dip in the pool before breakfast or by spending your weekends creating beautiful flower patches.

You’ll want to look at garden tools, of course – especially a sit-in lawn mower! You might also want to consider an automated way of getting around your garden, if you are going to be spending a lot of time moving materials, plants etc. from one end to the other. There are plenty of options here, from Swagways to scooters. Electric Rider discussed them all so you can see what suits you best.

Save the environment 

If you have enough land and can get planning permission, you could do both your bank account and the environment a good turn by investing in a solar farm. There is often widespread opposition from local populations to these – worried about the glare from the panels affecting their views. If your land is obscured from view or in the middle of nowhere you need to find a company which is willing to purchase your energy before you start to formulate a business plan.

Whatever you decide to do with your land, treasure it and keep it safe from contaminating elements. As we have already mentioned, there is only a limited amount of land on our little planet, so you are blessed to be able to say that you own some of it.