Why The Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush Is Popular


Brushing teeth is a vital daily activity. Having a great toothbrush helps keep the teeth and mouth healthy all the time. Electronic toothbrushes work stronger and better than traditional toothbrushes. Dentists recommend the use of electronic brushes over traditional brushes because of the high number of strokes featured in electronic toothbrushes. The Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush is one of the most popular models of the electric toothbrush. It combines great features and an affordable cost and comes with 12 bonus replacement heads. The package contains a rechargeable brush, storage and charging base as well as the brush heads to facilitate convenient family use. The question is, what really makes the Pursonic toothbrush unique among several other models of electronic toothbrushes available on the market today?

1.The Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush Eliminates Plaque and Ensures Thorough Cleaning

This brush effectively removes plaque and bacteria where ordinary bristles cannot reach. It utilizes the sonic wave technology to provide 40,000 ultra powerful strokes in each minute, thoroughly cleaning the teeth with each use. The brush vibrates rapidly while penetrating hard-to-reach areas of the teeth to remove any microscopic plaque and bacteria left behind by other toothbrushes. It also removes tough stains leaving the teeth naturally white, without irritating the gums. The result is a refreshingly cleaned mouth, and thoroughly brushed teeth, without the need to brush a second time or use a lot of toothpaste. The brush head may be smaller or a bit larger to increase teeth coverage and faster brushing. Nonetheless, the high strokes produce high vibration and noise, which is considered manageable by most users.

2.Has a UV Sanitizer That Keeps the Brush Heads Germ Free

The toothbrush comes with a UV sanitizer, which cleans the brush head and keeps it free from any germs, right down to the bristles. Most people simply rinse the toothbrush once they are done brushing. However, sanitization ensures that leftover toothpaste and food debris does not remain in the bristles, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

3.The Toothbrush Features three modes

The Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush offers three different modes, despite its reasonable cost. These are power/ clean, soft/ gentle, and massage modes. The power/ clean mode is meant for normal brushing and allows for awesome cleaning that is way better than the ordinary brush. The soft/ gentle mode is for people with sensitive teeth and gum problems. It features slower vibrations that prevent injury and irritation. The massage mode, which is mostly found on more expensive models than this is great for cleaning and stimulating the gums to increase blood circulation and improve the overall dental health. Users can choose from any of these three modes depending on their preferences and level of cleanness to be achieved.

4.Has A Timer/ Alert

This affordable sonic toothbrush also features a built-in timer. Generally, dentists recommend spending two minutes in every brushing session. The Pursonic toothbrush’s timer is set to have a two-minute timer and gives 30 seconds alert that informs the user when to move to the next quadrant of teeth. The timer goes off as soon as two minutes elapse. This allows you to accurately time your brushing pace so that you can follow the dentist’s recommended time for perfect brushing. The automatic shutoff after every use increases the battery’s life.

5.The Toothbrush Has 12 Replacement Brush Heads

The sonic system includes 12 brush heads, which are color-coded for easy identification and sharing. The brushes are easy to fit and remove from the main unit, allowing the entire family to share the set without having to purchase more pricey products. The charging station is fitted with an enclosed holder which can hold up to six brush heads at a go. The detachable heads make it easy to replace them when they have worn out.

6.Comes With a Rechargeable Battery

Another great feature of this toothbrush is its rechargeable battery that can last up to two weeks when fully charged and being used two times a day. Charging for the first time lasts 12 hours but subsequent charging only takes one to two hours. A red light gives an alert when the unit is fully charged.

This electric toothbrush from Pursonic may not be the most popular on the market, but it definitely has several great features that outperform other big products, including its sonic wave cleaning technology. Users are assured of deep oral hygiene at affordable prices. The 12 brush heads make the unit a great alternative to most brands of electronic brushes and the 40,000 strokes per minute are good enough to use this toothbrush as a replacement to ordinary ones. The three operation modes also make the Pursonic High Power Sonic Toothbrush worth trying out and those who have been lucky enough to discover this toothbrush have a great story to tell.