Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Food Processor


Using a food processor is not as easy as it seems. There are common mistakes that must be avoided. Some are as harmless as wasting food, while some are as severe as needing to buy a brand new model. Whatever the case, it’s wise to avoid all mistakes. Thankfully, none of the mistakes listed below are difficult to overcome.

Mixing Liquids

There is one key fact that everyone needs to be aware of who uses a food processor. They do not work exactly like a blender. Yes, there are tasks that both can achieve. However, it’s wise to not mix straight liquids in a food processor. Now, no damage will happen if this is done but a huge mess will result. This is because they are not designed to mix liquids and have anything go beyond the fill line.

Overworking the Machine

This one really should be common sense. No matter what appliance is being used, they should not be overworked. The question is, though, how does one know when a break is needed? Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight up answer to this. However, just use proper judgment when using an appliance (such as a food processor). If a food processor has been running, non-stop, for several minutes, then give it a five-minute rest. While it probably won’t explode if this is ignored, it may not last as long as it could.

Not Changing the Blades

Overworking a food processor and not changing the blades go hand in hand. After a while (depending on how much it has been used), the blades inside will become dull. Once this happens, they will need to be replaced. If this is ignored, the machine will be working harder as the blades will be taking longer to grind up the ingredients.

Filling the Bowl Prematurely

There is only one true way to fill the bowl inside of a food processor prematurely, by not having the bowl on the machine. In other words, filling up the bowl before it’s installed on the processor. What happens, most of the time is the content will have to be removed to properly fit it back on.

Make sure to avoid these mistakes the next time a food processor is being used. For those who don’t own one, and would like to, Zozanga has documented the best models available. Immediately, an advantage will be present as these mistakes can be avoided from the beginning.